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Why Haven’t You Heard of India’s Julia Child?

Just like Mastering the Art of French CookingIndian Cookery was published in 1961. And just as Julia Child brought authentic French cuisine to the novice home cook, Mrs. Balbir Singh did the same with the cooking traditions of Northern India. But unlike Child, Mrs. Singh was nearly forgotten by history. TASTE/July 19, 2018

Rise of the Tigress: Why Now Is the Time to See India’s 200-Year-Old Tiger Festival

Every autumn, hundreds of elaborately painted men dressed as tigers march through the streets of Thrissur, in Kerala. Two years ago, women finally joined for the first time. AFAR/June 13, 2018

India's Complicated Love Affair With Pickles

The future of the much-loved condiment is uncertain. Vice Munchies/June, 15, 2018

I Grew Up Eating This Common Indian Vegetable. Now It's a Wellness 'Superfood.'

I never thought I'd see this childhood staple be sold as an antidote to all things bad. Bon Appetit's Healthyish/May 18, 2018