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How the Dosa Came to Stand in for South India on American Menus

Trending stateside for years, the dosa’s unplanned role as culinary ambassador is starting to pay off in a new wave of south Indian-inspired restaurants. Eater/Oct. 11, 2018

Far From Home, Dad's Egg Curry Is the One Thing I Didn't Know I'd Miss

I’m standing in the cramped kitchen of my first apartment, on the phone with my dad. He’s coaxing me through his egg curry recipe and even though my aversion to eggs is infamous, I’m at the point where I’ll eat anything that tastes like home. Food52/Oct. 9, 2018

Why Haven’t You Heard of India’s Julia Child?

Just like Mastering the Art of French CookingIndian Cookery was published in 1961. And just as Julia Child brought authentic French cuisine to the novice home cook, Mrs. Balbir Singh did the same with the cooking traditions of Northern India. But unlike Child, Mrs. Singh was nearly forgotten by history. TASTE/July 19, 2018